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Offering made to God. Oblation(बलि,आहूति,चढ़ावा)
An official agreement to a proposal. Assent(सहमति)
Gathering of all things. Omnibus(सर्वसग्रह)
An official announcement issued to the press. Communique(सरकारी घोषणा)
An official counting of the population. Census(जनगणना)
On who attacks. Assaulter/Assailant(आक्रमणकारी/हमलावार)
On who believes that nothing can be said about God. Agnostic(अज्ञेयवाद)
On who can neither read nor write. Illiterare(अनपढ़/अशिक्षित)
On who cannot be corrected. Incorrigible(असुधारातीत)
A garland of flowers. Wreath(पुष्पाहार/माला)
Give tit for tat. Retaliate(प्रतिशोध लेना)
Departure of many people. Exodus(बहिर्गमन)
Gift of money to a retiring people. Gratuity(उपदान)
Give the right to vote. Enfranchise(मताधिकार देना)
Greedy for money. Repacious(लोभी)
General instructions. Directive(निर्देश)
Future generation. Posterity(भावी पीढ़ी)
Free from punishment. Impunity(सजा से मुक्ति,उद्दार)
Form opinion in advance. Pre-conceive(पूर्व धारणा बनाना)
For warning of an impending danger .Premonition(पूर्व सूचना)
Fixed sum of money paid to somebody as income in his life time .Annuity(सालियाना)
Fit for bad temper or anger.Tantrum(आवेश, झल्लाहट)
Fear of foreigners.Xenophobia(विदेशियों से भय)
Fear of one self .Autophoby(अपने आप से भय)
Fear of home surroundings .Ecophobia(घर के चारो ओर वस्तुओं से भय)
Fear of dead body .Necrophobia(शव से भय)
Fear of animals .Zoophobia(जानवरों से भय)
Fear of height .Aerophobia(ऊचाई से भय)
Faithful supporter.Henchman(सेवक, अनुचर)
Fail to pay a debt in time.Default(वादा खिलाफी करना)

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